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Removable appliances

Orthodontic appliances used by SmileArtBG

Removable appliances
Removable appliances are often used for the treatment of children who still have their baby teeth. They are used to correct minor problems with the alignment of teeth or the bite. They can be removed from the patient and cleaned without impeding the maintenance of oral hygiene.

брекети Plates are the most commonly used removable appliances. They are made of plastic and wire elements, some of which hold the appliance,while others push the teeth. In order to achieve the expected results, the plates must be worn 23 hours a day, which means they need to be removed for cleaning after meals only.

трейнери варна ортодонтияTrainers for teeth are soft silicon appliances worn mostly at nightime. They are called trainers because they “coach” the muscles of the lips and the tongue thus providing the proper development of the jaws. They are most effective for children with mixed dentition. They are also capable of guiding the eruption of teeth and correct some bad habits.

Orthodontic mini screws
These are small (1.5-2.0 mm diameter) screws of a special titanium alloy. Inserting them takes a few minutes. They serve as additional support during orthodontic treatment and after its completion are removed.

ортодонтияFacial Mask is a extraoral removable device that encourage the growth of the upper jaw. It has to be worn 10-12 hours a day (in the evening and atduring sleep) The adaptation to this device is quick and patients easily get used to it.

smile art VarnaRPE (rapid palatal expander) is a device for expansion of the upper jaw. This unit fitson the palate and is bonded to the upper teeth. After it is inserted it is activated once a day (by the patient or the parent) for a month. For this period it expands the upper jaw and palate, thereby creating space for the rearrangement of the teeth. After the active period, the appliance remains in position forsix months to retain the result.

Pendulum is a fixed orthodontic device that moves upper molar teeth backward, thuscreating space for the alignment of the front ones, preventing the extraction of healthy permanent teeth.

Hedger is a extraoral orthodontic device which is used in combination with brackets or removable appliances. It is commonly used when having problems with the bite,when correction of the jaw growth is required or an extra anchorage is needed. To be effective, it must be worn 10-12 hours a day (in the evening and atduring sleep).

ортодонт-с-опит-варнаLip Bumper – Аuxiliary appliance, used to preserve space for the normal eruption of permanent teeth in the lower jaw.