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For the Children

When should we visit the child orthodontist for the first time?

It is recommended that children have their first orthodontic visit when they become 6-7 years old. At this age they have enough permanent teeth erupted in order to identify potential problems. Do not wait for all permanent teeth to show up! Early orthodontic treatment has many advantages. For example, while children are growing, we may use equipment in order to create space for the new teeh to eruptproperly. We can direct the growth of the jaws and ammend the malocclusion. Starting treatment at an early age may lead to better results.

child orthodontist varna

Many patients have their orthodontic treatment started as teenagers. At that stage almost all of the permanent teeh have grown, despite the body growth not being finished.

We use braces and different fixed or removable appliances for teeth alignment and balance the growth of the jaws. At that age the orthodontic treatment can be most effective.