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Braces Varna by Orthodontic treatment SmileArtBG

braces varnaMetal brackets
The metal brackets we work with are made of medical steel. They are precisely manufactured, well polished and well rounded for maximum comfort and easy cleaning. MBT and the Alexander System of American Orthodontics are used.

braces varnaAesthetic brackets
The aesthetic brackets are made of monocrystal sapphire. They are perfectly flat and round and precisely stick on the teeth. Unlike other types of aesthetic brackets, they are completely transparent and merge with the natural color of the teeth. Their appearance remains unchanged by food or drinks and keep their original form to the last day of the treatment. This is the most advanced class of aesthetic brackets on the market. We use sapphire brackets “Radiance” by American Orthodontics.


Retainers are applied after the treatment is completed in the day the braces are removed.Their purpose is to “retain” the result. The teeth are already aligned and the bite is amended.However,the gums and the bone around them require additional time in order to stabilise.

The duration of the retention and the type of retainers (fixed or removable) are determined by the orthodontist at the end of the treatment. Most children and teenagers wear them until the wisdom teeth erupt if possible or until they are extracted.