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Open bite with severe crowding

The case of the open bite crowding case in SmileArtBG

 The patient was advised to receive an orthodontic treatment by a colleague.He had a severe crowding in the upper jaw and greatly inclining ahead central incisors. His lips were hardly covering the teeth. The bite was “open” i.e only the rear teeth had contact with the food.In the lower jaw there was a missing premolar on the right side,though the deficit of space was not that huge.The middle line of the lower tooth arc was greatly inclining on the right.The conclusion was made : classic case of an open bite crowding issue.

 Three molars were taken out in order to achieve the symmetry and amend the bite. A much more pleasant face profile was the result of the treatment.The smile was completely new and occlusion was fully functional.

 Apart from the huge orthodontic issues, the patient was working abroad. Nevertheless,the treatment ended in an year and a half

 A substitution of the old obturations and crowns is coming ahead.