Deep Distal bite with severe crowding / Class 2

The case of the deep distal bite crowding in SmileArtBG

The patient came to us with one wish – the rearrangement of this teeth. He was hiding his smile with his hand, because he was embarrased to show it.This is a very common problem for many people.

There was a severe crowding and huge deficit of space in both jaws.The central incisors were rapidly inclining frontally so the lips could not hide them. That also explained the trauma in the past. The central incisors have been cracked and empowered with composite. The lower jaw was a lot smaller and backswept from the upper one which was affecting the face profile.There was big distance between the upper and the lower frontal teeth( overjet ).

Four molars were taken out so that the teeth could be rearranged and compensate for the disproportion in the size of both jaws.After the treatment,the bite was amended and the lips were covering the frontal teeth. The patient’s profile was completely different and more pleasant and what was more important – he started feeling confident showing his smile.

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deep distal bite crowding

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