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Победител в Усмивка на годината 2017

For the second consecutive year Dr Avramov has been awarded a prize in the prestigious competition “Smile of the Year”. This is the tenth edition, and an international jury from three continents gives its independent ratings to identify the best dentists in Bulgaria.
Усмивка на годината




Порцеланови фасети - Естетична стоматология - Smileart Варна

Porcelain veneers are a kind of fine ceramic structure that is applied to the front of the teeth by means of a special glue. In order for veneers to be placed, teeth should be prepared. For this purpose, they may need to be filed from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. This thickness only takes away the surface layer of the tooth’s enamel.
Порцеланови фасети от Зъболекар SmileArt




Бондинг - Ортодонт Smileart Варна

The term “bonding” originates from the English “bond”. It describes a technique, whereby the dentist places a composite material (polymer) directly onto the tooth surface without or with minimal wasting of dental tissues. Dental bonding is used for direct restoration of teeth.

Бондинг от Зъболекар SmileArt




Как да запазим зъбите по местата си след носене на брекети

The day for removing the braces has come! Hurray! After the prolonged treatment, it is important to keep your teeth where they have been moved. During the treatment itself, not only the upper (visible) part of the teeth is moved, but also the roots. This movement also leads to bone changes.

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Скъпо ли е лечението с брекети - Ортодонт Smileart Варна

The price of orthodontic treatment is determined by three major components – material, orthodontic experience and individual case.
Like other fields dental materials also offer various products of various brands, with the corresponding quality and prices. Each orthodontist chooses by himself what materials to work with.

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Д-р Аврамов – победител в Усмивка на годината 2016

For the ninth consecutive year the newspaper “Dental Tribune” gave the most prestigious awards for dentists and dental technicians in the competition “Smile of the Year” at a ceremony in Sofia Life Club. An international jury of world authorities evaluated the participants and announced the winners in the different categories…

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За какво служат ластиците за брекети

Treatment with braces – this is a process that requires responsible attitude and daily care. For best results, orthodontists use the so-called orthodontic rubber bands. They serve to adjust the bite with some orthodontic problems and…

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Какво трябва да направя преди да сложа брекети

Here is what it is important to know and do before deciding to get braces:Visit an orthodontist
In fact, apart from the beautiful smile, braces can provide you with a proper bite, and this is very important for the long-term health of your teeth.

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Излекувайте кривите зъби в Smileart Варна

The topic we will touch upon in our blog is one of the most beautiful human features, namely the smile. When a person smiles, they undoubtedly make others smile, because every smile is contagious.

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често задавани въпроси брекети

Frequently asked questions about wearing braces. It is quite normal to feel anxious and excited before you decide to get braces. See the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

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Излекувайте кривите зъби в Smileart Варна

If you have decided it was time to look for a solution for a beautiful smile, then the most important step has already been taken.

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Wearing braces is a guarantee for well-arranged teeth and a lovely smile.. In order to have healthy teeth at the end of the treatment, it is important that you take care of your own teeth during the process.

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забранени храни брекети

Which foods are forbidden during the treatment with braces?
There are virtually no forbidden foods. During the treatment with braces you should be aware of how and when you can eat some foods. See more:

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