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Orthodontics Varna


Welcome to the website of orthodontic practice Smile Art.

Dr Stoyanova is a dentist who is practicing orthodontics in the city of Varna.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with arranging crooked teeth and correction of malocclusion by using orthodontic appliances and braces.
Crooked teeth are an esthetic problem that people most often notice.Nowadays more and more emphasis is put on beauty and appearance.You know what they say – “First impression is from your dress, last impression from your wits”.Radiant smile acquires

great importance for the confidence in our social and professional fulfillment. That is the reason that makes people seek an orthodontist.

Few realise that crooked teeth and malocclusion can be a functional problem apart from аn aesthetic one because the teeth have one basic function – they need to chew effectively. Bringing the teeth into alignment we always strive to achieve this goal. A beautiful smile is more like a logical consequence of the appropriate treatment. Therefore the use of orthodontic appliances is a treatment, not only an aesthetic manipulation.It is a continuous process in which the doctor and the patient aim at a common goal – the health and the charm of your teeth.