How to keep the results of wearing braces?

The day for removing the braces has come! Hurray! After the prolonged treatment, it is important to keep your teeth where they have been moved. During the treatment itself, not only the upper (visible) part of the teeth is moved, but also the roots. This movement also leads to bone changes. Imagine moving a rod buried in the ground. It leaves a trail of loose soil. This is exactly what happens with the bone after treatment with braces. In some places it remains softer and needs time to strengthen. For this reason, after the braces are removed, it is quite possible to feel your teeth softer and loose. After wearing braces, the so-called retainers (retaining brackets) are used, which keep the teeth in the new places, until the bone is strengthened again.

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There are several types of retainers – metal, which are applied on the inside of the teeth, vacuum (transparent) and those that resemble ordinary removable appliances. The orthodontist should decide which retainer is best for you and your case. He is the person who was with you during the whole treatment, knows both your teeth and your bone. Depending on your age, specific characteristics and conducted treatment, the orthodontist decides how best to keep your beautiful smile.

The posttreatment can last from several months to one or two years. In some cases, the fixing appliances must be worn constantly. In other cases, they can only be worn at certain time intervals – for example, during a night’s sleep or while you are at home.
If the wonderful moment to remove your braces has come, ask your orthodontist what is next. Now the things are entirely up to you. Follow strictly the instructions of the orthodontist and enjoy your new beautiful smile.


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