Which foods are forbidden during the treatment with braces?



In order to have brilliant white teeth, arranged in a beautiful smile like for a toothpaste advertisement, and enjoy less frequent visits to the dentist, braces can help. Placing them is not an expense, but an investment. An investment in your health in the long run. Therefore, it is important that you engage in the treatment and make an effort to follow all recommendations of your orthodontist. Hygiene and proper nutrition are essential.

There are virtually no forbidden foods. During the treatment with braces you should be aware of how and when you can eat some foods. See more:

  1. 1. Halva, Turkish delight, chewy sweets, hard sweets, lollipops

    This sweet group can unglue a ring or a bracket and so to delay the treatment. If you still want to eat something sweet, let it be a little bit and you should suck on it rather than chew on it. This will protect your brackets. If these foods stay around your brackets and between the teeth, they can lead to the formation of cavities.

  2. 2. Nuts and popcorn

    They are very tasty. In addition, nuts contain many useful substances. The trouble with eating nuts and popcorn is mainly related to their ability to unglue some bracket or to curl the arc. Nuts can be eaten if they are pre-blended in a blender. You should be careful with popcorn, especially with their hard kernels. All unpopped kernels should be thrown away.

  3. 3. Boiled corn on the cob

    If you are a fan of corn, just use a knife and cut the appetizing part. A great alternative is corn in a cup.

  4. 4. Apples, carrots, hard peaches with stones, olives etc.

    Cut your fruit and vegetables into pieces and remove the stones before eating them.

  5. 5. Ice

    Whole pieces of ice are not a good idea to chew on. If you want something cold, just order a drink with plenty of ice and wait for it to cool down. In the summer just keep a bottle of water in the fridge. The result will be even better.

  6. 6. Meat on the bone, chicken wings

    You can eat meat of course. You just have to debone it beforehand. There are few things more delicious than grilled chicken wings with a good marinade and sauce. Just remove the meat from the bone before enjoying it.

  7. 7. Rusks, hard biscuits, overdone pizza and bread

    Here we combine two of the above-mentioned. Hard foods that can curl the arc and unglue some brackets and carbohydrates that are cariogenic if they stay around the brackets.

забранени храни лечение с брекети
There are no forbidden foods during the treatment with braces. You just have to avoid very hard and sticky foods. Eat healthy and clean your teeth and brackets thoroughly after each meal. Think of yourself! You want not only arranged, but also healthy teeth, don’t you?


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