Direct and indirect restoration

The patient T.U. visited us with the desire to replace old fillings. After removing the old composite material from the fourth and fifth teeth and the old amalgam from the sixth tooth, we thought that the fourth and sixth teeth could be restored directly with a composite, while the fifth tooth that was endodontic treated several years ago should be restored indirectly with a composite overlay and reinforced with a fibrous post.

Two days later, the composite overlay indirectly prepared in the dental laboratory was cemented.

Initial situation

Фотополимерен композит


After removing the old artificial material and cleansing the cavities

Директно и индиректно изграждане


The fourth and sixth teeth are restored directly, and the fifth one is built with a fibrous post and is ready for impression

Изграждане с фотополимерен композит


Composite overlay prepared for cementing

Директно изграждане с композит


After cementing the overlay of the fifth tooth

Индиректно изграждане с фотополимерен композит


Директно и индиректно изграждане с фотополимерен композит