Porcelain veneers

Порцеланови фасети - Естетична стоматологияPorcelain veneers are a kind of fine ceramic structure that is applied to the front of the teeth by means of a special glue. In order for veneers to be placed, teeth should be prepared. For this purpose, they may need to be filed from 0.3 mm to 0.5 mm. This thickness only takes away the surface layer of the tooth’s enamel. After the porcelain veneers have been placed, the outer part of the teeth – the one visible to you and others – is covered with them, and the inner – on the side of the tongue – remains unchanged.
Veneers are made by dental technicians based on the individual impressions of each patient. This ensures robustness, quality performance and aesthetics in placement (veneers can last about 18-20 years). Stains (fluorosis spots), gaps between the teeth (diastema and trema), inborn enamel hypoplasia, worn-out edges, pathological erosions, enamel surface defects can be corrected with veneers.
Ceramic (porcelain) veneers are considered to be one of the most biocompatible materials for restoring teeth that preserve good aesthetics. They do not irritate the gum tissues and at the same time do not retain dental plaque on their surface. Thanks to the special glazed outer surface and impermeability, ceramic veneers do not change in colour when using beverages such as wine, coffee, cola, tea or when smoking.

If your dentist recommends ceramic veneers, the treatment steps will be:

  • Impressions are taken on which a plaster model (cast) of your teeth is made and the new shape of the teeth is made of wax;
  • You have the opportunity to see what your teeth look like now and what they will look like after veneers are placed. If an adjustment is needed, this is the time to be sincere and share your opinion;
  • The shape of the wax pattern can be transferred to your teeth, so that you can see what your teeth would look like with the new shape;
  • It follows the preparation of your teeth, which removes some part of the top layer of the tooth. The procedure is not painful and no anaesthesia is needed;
  • Then temporary veneers are placed, so that you can judge if you feel comfortable and how you perceive yourself. If an adjustment is needed, you should immediately inform your dentist;
  • Once you are sure that this is your new smile, the final ceramic (porcelain) veneers are made that will beautify your face within a week or so.

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