How to improve my oral hygiene when wearing braces?



Wearing braces is a guarantee for well-arranged teeth and a lovely smile. In order to have healthy teeth at the end of the treatment, it is important that you take care of your own teeth during the process. After you have decided to adjust your teeth, it is an indication that you are interested in their condition. During the orthodontic treatment you should maintain very good oral hygiene. Be persistent, overcome laziness and all that is required of you is:


    1. There are no forbidden foods during the treatment with braces.

      There are some that need to be avoided. These are mostly hard foods that can unglue the brackets. Some examples include nuts, pieces of toast, chewy sweets, popcorn, uncut carrot or apple, whole peach with stone, olives, etc.

    2. 2. There are also the so-called cariogenic foods (forming cavities)

      which are not forbidden, but the teeth should be thoroughly cleaned after their consumption. These are carbohydrate foods: all pasta products, biscuits, sweets, all types of sugar products, chocolate, etc. If these foods stay longer around the brackets or between the teeth, they serve as a food for oral micro-organisms that are responsible for cavities. Reducing the consumption of such foods would reduce the risk of cavities, whether with or without braces.

    3. 3. It is mandatory to brush twice a day –

      in the morning and in the evening, no matter whether you have braces or not. Use a medium-hard brush with a small head so you can clean all hard-to-reach areas. Hold the brush at a 45-degree angle towards the teeth and rub both between the brackets and the gum, and from the brackets to the end of the teeth. Then, thoroughly clean the remaining surfaces – the chewing side and the inside of the teeth.

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    1. The space between the individual brackets and under the arc is difficult to clean;

      that is why, you should buy an interdental brush (sold in pharmacies) and thoroughly clean around each bracket.

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    1. 1. The use of dental floss is also mandatory,

      in order to maintain good oral hygiene. If you have difficulty using regular dental floss, there are special floss threaders that you can buy. Ask the orthodontist how to use them. It is not complicated.
      Buy mouthwash and use it after each main tooth brushing. Every 6 months, ask for professional cleaning by your dentist or orthodontist. This will remove the accumulated tartar and the teeth will be healthy and white.

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