Bonding of rear teeth


The patient Albena S. visited us with the desire to have her professional cleaning and to undergo complete treatment of the problem teeth. A comparative photo of the teeth before, during and after the direct building.


Бондинг на задни зъби


The photos show a large cavity in the lower fifth tooth, which has a broken part of the occlusal (chewing) surface, as well as a cavity in the sixth tooth on the chewing surface.


Бондинг на задни зъби - Естетична стоматология


The second photo shows the condition of the teeth after cleaning the cavities.


Бондинг - Естетична стоматология SmileArt


The third photo shows the restored anatomical shape of both teeth, which guarantees proper function and possibility for proper and seamless cleaning of the interdental space.


Бондинг - Естетична Стоматология